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We, at Persia International Bank, pride ourselves on being large enough to provide a full and professional range of banking products to our customers, yet small enough to offer them a personal and dedicated service.

Important Announcements

**Some of the information contained within this website is out of date. Persia International Bank PLC are in the process of updating the website that will be relaunched in due course. In the event of any queries please call 0207 606 8521.##

Persia International Bank Plc, is acutely aware of the ever increasing spread of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) and the dangers this presents to both its staff and customers, whose personal health and safety is our paramount priority. As a consequence the Bank is taking the following measures:

  • Preparations are being made for key staff to work remotely, as well as accessing their e. mails , thus enabling transactions to be effected and queries responded to

  • Maintaining only a skeleton staff within the Bank’s building and varying their working hours in an endeavour to mitigate the risk of spreading the disease.

EU issued Notices number 2015-1863 and 2016-37

Pillar 3 Disclosure

European Union Regulation No. 1154/2013 of 15 November 2013 – PIB re-listed

European General Court Judgment - (06/09/2013)

Financial Sanctions Supplement No 2 - Payment Due to Depositors (09/09/2010)

European Union Sanctions against Iran – (27/07/2010)

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